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Coughed very long did not alleviate all the time, a lot of people can choose to take licorice root finallyShanghai night net

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Piece, but after all this also is a kind of medicaments, eat much have certain side effect likewise, so best method still is dietotherapy. The effect of rock candy of licorice snow pear basically is expressed relieve a cough now expectorant respect, just when oneself are made, must have matched the amount that each feeds capable person, still but proper affiliation a few red jujubes and medlar are waited a moment, very advantageous to preserve one’s health.

The effect of rock candy of licorice snow pear

Can be licorice boiled together with pear

With makings

Old rock candy right amount, Xue Li 3, licorice a few, medlar a few, red jujube a few of right amount, ginger


1. Xue Li abluent flay, top 1/4 cut away makes top, use ladle next the nucleus is dug among small perhaps hilt. (Had better use ladle, won’t have dangerous)

2. is ordinal old rock candy, licorice, medlar is put inside pear handleless cup. Next the cap on the lid is secured with toothpick.

3. puts the pear that has handled into arenaceous boiler, join cold water to reach the 1/2 point of pear, red jujube, ginger piece be put in pear handleless cup with right amount old rock candy all round! (Two-way tasty. . . Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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4. puts arenaceous bowl on kitchen, stew two hours left and right sides slowly with small fire, till the pear that stew soft. (Midway remembers maintaining water level) can leave next ate ~

The effect of rock candy of licorice snow pear

The effect of pear of snow of licorice rock candy

The function with main licorice is to fill lienal beneficial is angry, clear heat is alexipharmic, make expectoration easy relieves a cough, emergency is acetanilide, harmonic all medicine. Use at taste frail, listless and lack of power, palpitation be discouraged, cough is phlegmy much, urgent ache of contraction of Wan abdomen, limb, carbuncle swollen sore is poisonous, noxiousness of delay antidote content, spirited. But it shoulds not be the root of Beijing euphorbia, lilac daphne, Gan Sui, as algal as Beijing use together. A thick soup of pear of rock candy snow is beneficial to voice, it is better to add licorice effect so.

Pear and what does a move that boil eat best

Pear and dried tangerine or orange peel boil together: Dry criterion ferry is deficientLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Unripe also phlegmy, expression is cough little phlegmy, yellow or color is white. To this kind of circumstance, a few dried tangerine or orange peel can be joined when the pear that boil, or put Bai Luobo of partial branny heart, boil together with pear, eat pear to drink boiling water,

Pear and Wu Mei boil together: To dry cough with the passing of time, or degree is heavier person, can join Wu Mei, licorice each 10 grams, boil together with pear, eat pear to drink boiling water. Smoked plum taste is sour, licorice flavour pleasant, boil together with pear, lung of the embellish that raise shade relieves a cough action increases, smoked plum still has collect lung to relieve a cough effect. Pleasant of this soup flavour is sweet tastily, veryShanghai noble baby

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Appropriate children edible. Raise shade moisten the respiratory tract, ministry of mouth of prevention and cure, nose, pharynx and skin are dry.

Green ginger and pear boil together: In season of winter cool dry, dry evil and cold evil often hold concurrently to suffer from, invade human body, expression is dryNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Cough, shed Qing Ti. 2-3 can be joined while the patient that has this kind of symptom is boiling pear piece ginger, 5-6 Duan Conggen, boil 5-6 together minute, eat pear to drink boiling water, 1 day of 1-2 second. Green root and laborious of ginger sex lukewarm flavour, have the effect of Xin Wen induce sweat, can go cold evil, boil together with pear, rise in coordination1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The action of dispel cool dry.

The effect of rock candy of licorice snow pear

Healthy clew

Licorice piece the contraindication that bubble water drinks has a lot of, must clear up before take daily, avoid menace healthy. If take licorice root piece a week can not alleviate effectively symptom, should consider the body to whether still have other diseases so. This moment should stop to take licorice root piece, accept professional inspection next. Altogether, although licorice piece the effect that having very good health care body, but side effect is not little also. When be being taken daily ten million cannot quite many and take for a long time, avoid minatory life safety.