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During confinement when, it a lot of mom do not know what to eat is good that a lot of moms do not know what to eat, especially special be afraid of have a fault not carefully the harm is healthy, more fear to have a fault bring about milk to decrease, cannot satisfy the need of darling, actually, major thing can take during confinement in childbirth, for instance a lot of fruits and vegetable can be at ease eat, those are only cold cool fruit needs to eliminate, as a whole, these fruits can be below during confinement eat.

Can confinement in childbirth eat those fruits?

Can confinement in childbirth eat those fruits?

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Call cover monkey peach again, flavour pleasant sex is cold, vitamin C content is extremely high, heat having solution, stop the thirsty, diuresis, effect that knows breast, often feed but aggrandizement immunity system. Advantageous to restoring after Caesarean birth art. Because its sex is cold, iron with hot water before edible lukewarm. Daily advisable.

Pomegranate even

Flavour pleasant sex is hot, teem with at southeast Asia, the beauty of the king that has a fruit praise. Because of its the gender is heated up, can Zhuang Yang helps fire, to promoting temperature, strengthen blood to have favorable effect circularly. Postpartum empty is cold, might as well it is cordial with this.

Pomegranate connects sexual heat, stodgy, take easy suffer from excessive internal heat more. With Shan Zhu companion is fed, can its heat up calm down quality. In the meantime, after Caesarean birth easily small intestine sticks sticky puerpera to be fed sincerely.


Malic flavour pleasant is cool, the gender is lukewarm, basically be content of carbolic to hydrate. Contain rich apple acerbity, tannic acid, vitamin, pectic reach mineral, can prevent and treat disease of skin of scorbutic, n/med leprosy, makeLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Slippery, burnish. Its stick glue and fine fibre can adsorptive eliminate bacterium and toxin, can acerbity bowel, be good at stomach, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, appetizing reconcile heat, be opposite especially effect of remedial puerpera diarrhoea is much better. The apple still can reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, be helpful for having gravid high blood pressure syndrome, diabetic reach liver function of bad lying-in woman postpartum restore. In addition a large number of sylvite are contained in the apple, outside body of as can amalgamative as the superfluous sodium salt knot inside body eduction, reason low Potassium and photograph salt overmuch person edible apple is beneficial.

Can confinement in childbirth eat those fruits?


Flavour pleasant sex is smooth. The effect of papaya is very much, bug of drive of step-down, alexipharmic, detumescence, help lactescence, make bosom plumper, disappear fat reduces weight etc.

The nutrient composition of papaya basically has B of carbohydrate, prandial fiber, protein, vitamin, C, calcic, Potassium, iron to wait, originate in a country southern. The country urges lacteal tradition since ancient times with respect to useful Chinese flowering quince. Element of a kind of Chinese flowering quince is contained in papaya, height decomposes protein ability, the food such as cruelly oppress, egg products can be decomposed to grow up by it inside extremely short time the nutrient that body absorbs very easily, stimulate the exudation of mammary gland of the mother’s body directly. In the meantime, the nutrient class status of papaya oneself is higher, friend call papaya lacteal melon again. The puerpera is postpartum and galactic exiguous or galactic no less than, all can be the same as the edible after stewing with papaya and fish.

Chinese olive

Flavour pleasant, slightly acerb, the gender is smooth. Detoxify of heat having Qing Dynasty, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty effect. Pregnant woman and lactation woman often feed Chinese olive, can makeA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Darling is cleverer.


Flavour pleasant is acerbity, the gender is smooth. Have the effect of pee of filling gas blood, strong bones and muscles, benefit. Because its contain iron the volume is higher, can enrich the blood so. After making currant work, iron holds proportion bigger, can regard as filling iron food, often feed can remove Mondayish and lack of power, body angular wait for a symptom, it is be good at body is delayed year beautiful is tasted. The woman is postpartum and exsanguine overmuch, can the grape serves as enrich the blood emperor is tasted.

Can confinement in childbirth eat those fruits?


Flavour pleasant is acerbity, the gender is smooth. Originate in Guangdong, Guangxi to be taken. Have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, aid digestion, stop effect of have diarrhoea, diuretic. Contain a lot ofvitamin B1, can eliminate fatigue, stomachic, be beneficial to a puerpera postpartum restore.


Flavour pleasant1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, the gender is cold. Have the effect of bowel of clear heat, embellish. Postpartum edible banana, can make popular feeling love free from worry and tranquil, have hypnotic effect, make aching feeling drops even. Many cellulose and iron are contained to pledge in banana, have aperient the action that enrich the bloodLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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. Because breathing space of puerpera lie in bed is too long,can prevent effectively, gastric bowel peristalsis is poorer and the constipation that cause. Because its sex is cold, daily cannot feed more, iron with hot water dip first before edible.


Weigh longan again, flavour pleasant sex is lukewarm, originate in two wide and other places. Longan beneficial heart blood of lienal, filling gas, bring vitality, it is rare cordial. Postpartum constitution weakling, eat some of fresh longan or dry longan meat appropriately, can fill already the gas of taste, can fill again painstaking care is inadequate. Boiling water is drunk after boiling longan flesh and egg flower together, wonderful to effect of postpartum take good care of sb.


Flavour pleasant is acerbity, the gender is lukewarm. Hawkthorn contains content of many carbon to hydrate, vitamin and calcium, phosphor, iron to wait, among them the coronal that calcic content is Zhu Guo. Still contain acid of hawkthorn acid, citric acid, apple, fructose and yellow ketone, have medicinal powder Yu disappear is accumulated, stomach of head of expectorant detoxify, life-giving Qing Dynasty, hemostatic Qing Dynasty and stomachic action, can reduce the content of blood pressure and hematic cholesterol. After the puerpera gives birth to the child excessive overworked, often dry of dry tongue of inappetence, mouth, appetite decreases, if eat some of hawkthorn appropriately, can aid digestion of stomachic, side. Additional, hawkthorn has medicinal powder action of Yu invigorate the circulation of blood, can dischargeForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Give intrauterine Yu blood, ease abdominal pain.