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Article introduction

Friend of a lot of females is preferred now go Lian Yuga, because gem gal is to be able to exercise a body,basically be form and those who increase body strength, still can reduce weight, but Lian Yuga must want to hold to and use accurate method, compare in the light of the difficulty that has a few gem gal tall, we should do our best, avoid to injure bones and muscles. To Lian Yuga’s advantage and the practice of gem gal, everybody can learn the content of the article.

What is Lian Yuga's advantage

 Lian Yuga’s advantage

1, model the female is perfect bodily form

Adopt the posture law of gem gal and the practice that perserve, the body that can invite you gets marked change. Like prolapse of breast of curve of strong and handsome bosom, beautification bosom, precaution; makes beautification of lumbar softness; coxal: Avoid gluteus flabby prolapse, beautification buttock wait.

2, precautionary chronic

Lian Yuga can stimulate body interior organ, still can promote haemal circulation further, the muscle with inflexible extend, make joint agile. Make gland body secretes a balance, aggrandizement nerve, prevent human body chronic.

3, eliminate insecurity and fatigue

The breathing law of gem gal, pass conscious breath, be able to remove the waste gas inside body, empty fire, eliminate1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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What is Lian Yuga's advantage

4, maintain youth

The complete breath law of gem gal, make cellular defer consenescence, complexion is ruddy. Gem gal is adjustable also the mood, make the person often is in gentle, happy condition. Gem gal exercise is twisted mediumly, crowded, extend, the posture that help, main and collateral channels of can expedite whole body enrages blood, function of activation internal organs of the body, opposite life up inside body of input of ground of vigor from beginning to end, make person constant nurture is green.

5, reduce weight

Obese person, mostly surfeit, pass the Xiu Lian of gem gal, let you be in when facing cate temptation, can have more powerful control force. But gal of gem of have the aid of all sorts of bodyForum of Shanghai night net

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The law will decrease fertilizer efficiency fruit is not very good, need has oxygen to move (ran, swim, the bicycle) auxiliary ability can achieve very good result.

6, training attention

Gem gal adjusts through the air current that jams in body of be in the wrong disorder mood, lift be agitated when the heart, blue with pressure calm when, attention can change more concentration, what insight changes is deeper.

7, reduce psychology pressure

Gal of gem of have the aid of takes exercise and loosen, dedicated at extend and line of aggrandizement body muscle. Loosen completely when body and mind, dedicated at extend limbs, can release instep mood, let a person have openly idea, achieve gradually ” body loose calm ” reach ” syncretic of body and mind ” state. The complete breath method that uses gem gal but aggrandizement abdominal cavity is splanchnic, control breathing speed, can adjust autonomic nerve, control heartbeat leads alleviation insecurity mood.

What is Lian Yuga's advantage

Lian Yuga’s disadvantage

1, undeserved exercise gem gal allows vulnerability

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Because the body foundation of everybody is different, if do not have the process that take exercise, it is very difficult to want to accomplish at a draught. And can cause harm to the body.

The posture of tall difficulty is right the body the demand of each respect is very high, often need long stretch, perhaps prop up, for insufficient to strength of a few muscle, flexibility person, bring about tendon easily to get hurt, still can make joint becomes not stable.

2, too emaciated person is experienced bad gem gal

Gem gal itself needs the exercise that muscle strength will come to to undertake namely, to emaciated female, feeble muscle is pulled very easily. After the doctor suggests a few too emaciated females had better be to pass a few fundamental strength to train, go again Lian Yuga.

3, a lot of people do not suit practice difficulty movement

Patient of hypertensive, heart, do not suit handstand, annulus the movement such as type. Gadarene handstand and when making round of type motion, can make blood flows backwards, cause heart head easily to be not worth for blood, be short of blood and bring about shock.

Disease of the person that interverbebral disc is highlighted, vertebral surge, do not suit to do obeisance to day of type, extensive role pattern to wait to bow ahead movement. In a few actions with gem the mainest gal, “The type that do obeisance to day ” namely among them one of, the person that practice must curve the waist downward, the person that have vertebral surge disease right now, the likelihood is brought about because of such movement vertebral once more the person that surge; has interverbebral disc to highlight, likely also because of bowed movement inadvertent, and cause lower limbs nerve to oppress more serious.

Osteoporosis patient, do not suit v hoe type movement. Have some of gem gal1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The movement must use a hand or the limbs such as the foot props up the weight of the body, if have an osteoporosis easy fracture. V hoe the no-no movement that type movement is osteoporosis patient more.

If drill every time after Wan Yuga, with respect to occurrence joint ache or the circumstance that are tendon agnail, likelihood itself body pliability is insufficient, do not suit to do have1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The gem gal movement of difficulty.