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Loving the United States is feminine nature, present female hopes she can have good figure. And when carrying good figure oneShanghai Long Feng forum

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Calm meeting uses a few effective methods, so the method that reduce weight has a lot of kinds. The method that carries a figure is to have a lot of sort likewise, can undertake according to oneself oneself circumstance ability is best method choosing. What is the fastest means that sends an arm closely?

Send the swiftest method of the arm closely

Method one: Thin arm of make a long arm

Will right arm is extended tall, toward back left bladebone bends, pressing sword arm joint to be in with left hand, and left bladebone of lay a finger on, extend after that tall, right-and-left change sides, such action everyShanghai noble baby

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The day is done 20 times.

Method 2: Lift mineral water bottle

Above all we prepare 2 mineral water bottle, inside infuse rinses, take single-handed, double foot is opened be the same as with the shoulder wide, mention water bottle upgrade is lifted, hold to 10 a few seconds, put1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, lift again, repeat an act 20 times, insist to come down you can see the effect very quickly.

Send the swiftest method of the arm closely

Method 3: Brush cup thin arm

Arm as far as possible drive up, make the motion that brushs a cup, change a hand againLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Do 10 minutes, this movement is very simple, and also can tighten up an arm, send a breast closely, when there is true cup to need to wash in the home, can take a cup to brush, wash at the same time still can reduce an arm at the same time!

Method 4: Sitting position is bent lift on ancon

Sit on the chair rightly, receive an abdomen, deep breathing, the heavy thing can be held in the hand, consistent bottle did not drive lid mineral water, ancon of music of the two arms when the action is initial, elbow and shoulder are the same as tall, expiratory when slow lift tall both hands, till big arm sticks ear, inspiratory when slow put down to position of rest.

Method 5: Both hands draws a circle

This motion can be made when we watch TV at ordinary times, above all two tacticsLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Perpendicular raise an one word model, next face of an in the future begins two tactics picture circle, do not limit time, oneself can hold to how long with respect to how long, the time of sky beyond can be done, very can effective decrease butterfly sleeve.

Send the swiftest method of the arm closely

Method 6: Skip

Skip also is very good the method that decreases butterfly sleeve, because skip must want two hands to move ability to go together, can again on the weekend when go up about boy friend or boudoir honey attends together, can decrease an arm to still can move not only all over, make a figure more well-balanced and slim Oh!

Method 7: Next impending crouchingShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Sit on a piece of chair, both hands is put by hip to perhaps be located in below hip, unbend hand ministry, hip leaves a chair, curve elbow, hip is lowered slowly, the made distance with the chair as far as possible close, shoulder is loosened, flagging, body response is customary pose, repeat 10 times.