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The method of female fitness has a lot of, for instance gem gal and Pulaidi are waited a moment, especially Puladike has thin body with helping a woman, return the integral quality that can improve oneself at the same time, but also having a few women is not to suit to undertake this kind of forgeLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Refine means, puladi does not accept any dimensional restriction, all movements are around indifferent undertake, control ability to be able to let a movement reach the designated position through sarcous onlyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, so what person does not suit Puladi?

What person does not suit Puladi

The first, what person does not suit Puladi? Had done retinal art or high myopiaForum of Shanghai night net

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Should avoid convert. Does lumbar interverbebral disc highlight: ? Near of Xia of acenaphthene steamed bun gathers up  group must do Puladi after operation of? of ぷ  box specific aim rehabilitation trains, avoid to have a relapse, this disease is much by sedentary cause. Cervical vertebra ill: ? ? of Fei of kang of acenaphthene food every can make only planar and cervical action, have when be being played noisy, want to avoid, without prop up backward the movement of extend is not done. Osteoporosis: ? Large  drops admire? contraindication is highlighted with interverbebral disc, muchNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Bask, can do some skip simply, conduce increases bone density, avoid trip, must move but cannot intense.

What person does not suit Puladi

The 2nd, in fact, puladi is to delimit of limits of exercise having oxygen oh, nevertheless it also holds the characteristic that has the campaign that do not have oxygen concurrently. Have actually oxygen moves and do not have strict limit without oxygen, very much slight exercise attributes movement having oxygen at the beginning, wait for motion powerful once increase, also become the exercise that do not have oxygen.

What person does not suit Puladi

What person does not suit Puladi? : of exemple holiday female? Acenaphthene Sun in all the movement of high impact of? of cost of housing exacting one and body of pelvic prep above, preventLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Different of the film inside the uterus with uterine prolapse. Pregnancy: ? ? of pilfer of nest of the Kingdom of Wei of Wu of Hui of captive of  perch from 13 considerate antenatal can honour the training that doctor’s advice does a few conduce to produce, raise rate of natural labor machine, reduce side to cut, avoid to lie on his back for long, do not exceed 3-5 minute, great strength, high impact is not done, foreigner constitution counters a day quite, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Do not imitate. Postpartum: ? Mew?2 day, caesarean birth 46 days, after producing check, and inspect the body to restore a situation and decide, be aimed at postpartum crowd, puladi’s training also is the exercise that makes the repair that help costal region first, and tall percussive is not done, avoid uterine prolapse.