[the waist grows leg weak point to method is changed] _ improves – of _ motion method

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Lumbar long leg is thin, disagreement accords with contemporary and aesthetic eye, always feel to the person scale is not especially other and harmonious, the reason that causes this kind of appearance is more, the mainest still is genetic reason, but can be made up for through regular method will undertake ameliorative, take exercise e.g. moderate campaign, carry the dress of the dress, have the effect of constant change, pay attention to dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food at ordinary times additionally, also can achieve certain result.

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Does leg weak point have method to change

On skeleton unalterable, but tell from muscle angle, can pass forge1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Refine, the scale of the lumbar leg ministry that lets you produces change from the vision. Will tell from the front, can pass only relativelyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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What little huckle divides is adipose, raise muscle close fact to spend, will raise the length of leg ministry from the vision.

Will tell from the back, can pass exercise coxal muscle, make coxal muscle close become warped on fact, let hip become narrower more become warped, spin on the vision lower limbs scale, reduce the waist outspread the visual length to hip. What so you need to do is to do exercise having oxygen more, reduce leg ministry adipose, and take exercise every time hind should reach adequately loosen ham muscle, muscle of ministry letting a leg becomes slender and not be bulky.

A few hip can undertake after motion having oxygen sarcous is local take exercise, after taking exercise, also should undertake coxal muscle is loosened, if be in the home, the sponge that can buy a gem gal to use massages platen, after taking exercise every time can oneself loosen muscle to oneself, general gym has this.

Does the waist grow leg weak point to method is changed

Method 1Ferial can sit on the ground, become drive up of a foot right angle, withLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Fist flaps crus, every edge can do 5 minutes. When the holiday, might as well in using the bath salt on market to put bath crock, let crus immerse for some time, can loosen muscle relax. Flapped action also should have in crus after dip bath ends, quicken haemal circulation. Measure 2: Strengthen disappear fat to tighten up motion to begin when crusForum of Shanghai night net

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Loose come down (or inherent crus is flabby) , below one round job reducing weight, it is to strengthen disappear fat to tighten up the effect, daily can do some control body movement

Does the waist grow leg weak point to method is changed

Method 2On the platform that the front park of 1. foot removes high, the foot is pressed downward as far as possible. 2. Next crus exerts oneself to do sth. up since stand on tiptoe, make whole person rise. Rhythm ground repeats this to cover an action, do 20-30 second, exert all his strength as far as possible since stand on tiptoe, next pressing, it is better to achieve result of ache having a place. Can a hand helps stay up to go up, in order to poise.

Does the waist grow leg weak point to method is changed

Method 31. lies on the ground, foot up unbend and body show 90 degrees, with chief body towel has crossed instep, two tactics unbend, tiptoe stand on tiptoe is tall. 2. Two tactics issues towel pressing forcibly, sole also is pressed at the same time below, maintain hand ministry and crural ministry unbend. Repeat this to cover an action 40 times, can tighten up crus, make line more slender. Measure 3: Develop substance of thorn thin leg finallyEnter final phase, want to accelerate thin body effect of course, everybody mights as well buy things of legginess of a few thin legs to help helper, (For example: Ou Runli, very pretty good, the result of the expert group research and development that is the United States) can of thin leg long leg have moist effect more, make double leg colourful smooth 4 shoot!