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The patient of slight cold needs from go undertaking nursing among the life, this ability can make the various symptom that gets his to appear can get alleviating more, evenFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Much attention rests, in acute fitSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Period rests with respect to very need lie in bed, and in this during do not let oneself again catch cold catch cold, say so as far as possible do not go the swimming-pool swims, this is the symptom that meeting him accentuation catchs a cold, still can let a bacterium appear again infection.

 Can slight cold swim

1. is treated to disease

(1) rests the illness is more serious or yearShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Old system weak should lie in bed rests, avoid smoke, much water, indoor maintain airiness.

(If 2) solution hot analgesia has calorific, have a headache, the symptom such as muscle ache person, can choose solution to heat up demulcent medicine, wait like aspirin, amino to acetyl phenol, Buluofen.

(3) fights n&v snuffle to have have a stuffy nose, when oedema of hyperaemia of nose mucous membrane, can use Huang Jian of hemp of hydrochloric acid bogus, also can fizzle out with 1% hemp alkaline drop is nose.

(4) fights allergic cold to have raise of sensitivity of nose mucous membrane constantly, frequent sneeze, snorty, can choose Na Min of chloric benzene of Ma Lai acid or benzene Hai Laming to wait fight histamine drug.

(5) town coughs the agent is more apparent to cough symptom person, can give right beautiful Sha Fen, gush to hold Wei Lin in the palm to wait for antitussive.

 Can slight cold swim

2. pathogeny is treated

(1) fights a bacterium to medication pure virus infection need not use antibacterial thing, have leucocyte count elevatory, pharynxA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Ministry pus liver mosses, cough yellow phlegmy when waiting for a bacterium to affect evidence, but the ester inside element of bacterium of Bao of use penicillin of take into consideration the circumstances, head, big ring kind or Kui Nuo ketone.

(Treatment of thing of 2) disease-resistant bane has certain curative effect. Amine of King Kong alkyl reachs its ramificationLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Amine of alkyl of methylic King Kong can be used at prevent and treating; of armour flu virus virus of feeling of Lin guanidine convection, gland virus and bazooLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The virus curative effect with have certain. Ba Weilin of benefit of content of bane of wide chart disease-resistant and abstruse department virus of feeling of his Wei convection, deputy flu virus and respiratory tract add up to afterbirth virus to wait have stronger inhibition, can shorten course of diseases.

 Can slight cold swim

Chinese traditional medicine of 3. traditional Chinese medical science is treated

Have clear hot detoxify and the Chinese traditional medicine that fight virus action to also can be chosen, conduce to improvement symptom, shorten course of diseases.