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Because the baby has fed foster mother more for long to breed continuously, be in so darling is added complementary in the process that feed, the hard to avoid on the body can appear all sorts of change and abnormal reaction. But add to darling complementary feeding is must process, because complementary feeding is a when establish darling health to grow main base. Just one part parent can discover the baby was eating complementary after feeding, appeared costive problem when what settle way?

 The baby eats complementary feed constipation how to do

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He adds complementary feed. Feed appropriately feed the vegetable mud and peach mud food that contains cellulose, can prevent constipation. Bigger darling can add the food that serves some of slippery bowel, if contain the vegetable with more cellulose to be like celery, leekLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Dish. Remind mom, darling normally mostNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Eat early complementary feed, banana and rice, can cause constipation to most darling. Rice and banana all the time since be regarded as the introductory food of darling, suit darling most actually inchoate add complementary feeding should be meter of paste, peach the food such as mud, plum mud, carrot mud.

 The baby eats complementary feed constipation how to do

2. drinks water more. The amount drinking water that should increase costive darling and the frequency that drink water, summer should increase darling more water quantity. In addition, still answer to drink bone soup or fish to darling moreLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Soup, eat congee more.

3. is massaged to darling. Mom pronation, smooth put in darling hilum ministry, clockwise light jog is kneaded. Massage law can accelerate darling bowel path to wriggle to promote defecate then, and conduce to darling digest food.

 The baby eats complementary feed constipation how to do

4. uses fertilizerLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Black or glycerine is lubricant darling bowel path. The round taper that cuts soap pencil quality of work, about 3 centimeters long soap, use a few water first after embellish is wet again slowly insert darling anus inside. Let soap as far as possible keep period of time more inside anus, in order to achieve the effect that path of sufficient stimulation free wriggles. Perhaps open the wrapping paper of glycerine bolt, slowly a place of strategic importance enters darling anus, press gently press anus, keep moment more as far as possible, after melting in order to make glycerine bolt sufficient again defecate.

If above method did not alleviate darling constipation circumstance, darling constipation is serious instead1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, should take darling in time to go to a hospital treating so.