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The baby is in small when having a lot of is to eat milk powder to be brought up, and rightSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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For the baby at different month, have the powdered milk of different level, average baby milk powder is1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Cent is 4 phase, the nutrient part that the baby of different level needs is different, because some nutrient material are contained to also differ inside this milk powder, and also meet as grown baby appetite of the babyForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Increase, so what is guideline of feed of infantile milk powder?

Guideline of feed of infantile milk powder

Milk powder feed is measured

When the new student milk powder feed is used commonly after ablactationing, but the basis of how many thing of specific amount infantile month age judgement, the quantity perhaps cannot pass too much little, of the baby the month of quantity of milk powder feed and baby age into direct ratio.

1. new student a few days ago

Feed milk powder is measured according to the baby every kilograms of weight decides, daily 100-200 milliliter. New student digestion is returned crudely, pure grandma is stodgy, because this wants according to scale add water. Add water scale: 4 than 1, 3 than 2, 3 than 1, 2 than 1, 1 than 1, the quantity of drop off water. For compensatory candy cent, need adds the monose of 5%-8% , lie between 3, 3Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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.5 hour is fed, everyday 7, 8.

For instance infantile weight 4 kilograms, algorithm is as follows: 4*100=400 milliliter is suckled, every use grandma amount suddenly: 400 milliliter are suckled + the quantity that 100 milliliter water is equal to 500 milliliter, divide next with everyday 7, 8, every quantity is cipher out 55, 71 milliliter. Add the candy of on 5% finally, in 5, 6 months increase according to this scale.

2. is born half month arrives full moon

Digest circumstance decision according to the baby, eupeptic can feed pure grandma, daily give 100, 150 milliliter, feed every time 60, 100 milliliter.

Guideline of feed of infantile milk powder

3. baby a baby’s completion of its first month of life arrives 2 months

Increase according to weight nurse a quantity, a day of feed 6, 7, lie between every time 3.5, 4 hours, measure every time for 80, 120 milliliter.

2 months after 4. is born arrive 3 months

Every 4 hours are fed, daily 5, 6, measure every time for 150, 200 milliliter.

3 months after 5. is born arrive 6 months

Every 4 hours, everyday 5, every time quantity: 3, 5 months every time 150, 200 milliliter, the quantity becomes later 200, 250 milliliter, everyday gross cannot exceed 1000 milliliter, cannot exceed 250 milliliter every time. Complementary1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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It is OK to feed in 4 months when begin to add.

6 months after 6. is born arrive 9 months

Every 4 hours, round-the-clock decrease 4 times gradually come 3 times, every time 2New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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00, 250 milliliter, use gradually complementary feed replace half times arrive, volume of the sugar in the grandma begins to reduce.

Guideline of feed of infantile milk powder

9 months after 7. is born arrive 12 months

Every other 4 hours, decrease 3 times gradually everyday come 2 times, every time 250 milliliter, cooperate feed complementary feed, those who want an attention is every 2 water should be fed among the grandma.