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Good, but all parents hope him child can all things are great, the thing that so some look very simple in people arrived on child body can become more complex, parents consider meet many a little bit. When some of parent gives darling haircut in first time, metropolis understanding issues child haircut what to is paid attention to, the parents that do not understand can be read below content.

What does child haircut have to pay attention to

One, child first time cuts a head what to is paid attention to

Not informal shave drops infantile foetal hair. A few places have such consuetudinary, babyShanghai night net

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full moon wants shave ” full moon head ” , foetal hair even brow is all shave is smooth. Think to be done so, chairman of the child’s hair, brow is gotten in the future black, close, beautiful. Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

“Smooth foetal hair of full moon shave ” be without scientific basis. The hair grows quickly with slow, fine with thick, much with do not have a relation less with shave foetal hairA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, however with the child’s growth state of development, nutrition reachs heredity to wait about. Be in so when darling manage foetal hair cannot all shave is smooth, more cannot shave embryo eyebrow, must look for professional children barber. Also not be certainly when wanting baby a baby’s completion of its first month of life, giveShanghai noble baby

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Darling manage foetal hair, must the case with particular basis.

What does child haircut have to pay attention to

2, to what should notice when the baby is tonsorial

1, chosen tool. Had better choose children appropriative dynamoelectric and tonsorial implement, after charging, can use of labor report namely, do not take a line, this kind tonsorial implement if doing not have a line, save pester child neck or be the child awake condition goes down to touch, safe accident may appear in the tonsorial exercise process that arrests a line to bring about you. The choose and buy is tonsorial implement when, want try out to fall, do not want noise too big, at the same time Yi Qing washs, had better be head of knife of pottery and porcelain (not injury skin)

2, the time that cuts hair option. Had better be darling undertake below asleep circumstance, if be no good,also should selecting the child is not very sober or tired when undertake; this moment baby is average won’t move in disorder, also won’t send to cutting dynamoelectric implement sound is very sensitive.

3, preparative precaution cries the toy that make. Once the child is cut,be to cry was troubled by, there are another people to amuse on the side of need fool the child, take out his beloved toy or the be interested thing that are other.

What does child haircut have to pay attention to

Saw the introduction above, believe many people cut a head what to want to pay attention to to child first time had a knowledge, but also base area area decides that is paid attention to, the person of some areas cannot trim foetal hair to the child, some areas also can be cut, so this is base area region is different will decide, but baby gives in first time tonsorialForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
Moment must let the child be finished happily tonsorial.