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Article introduction

Pu’er tea is a kind already can the drink that health care of preserve one’s health still can reduce weight, be in in in senile crowd the most welcome. In recent years, a lot of youths especially young girl also begins to drink Pu’er tea. The flavour of authentic Pu’er tea is not Chang Xiangchun, taste the word that rise to be able to carry light faint scent. But, the Pu’er tea that some people discover to he are drunk is being taken acrid. So, how is Pu’er tea suffering to return a responsibility after all?

Pu'er tea suffering is how to return a responsibility

How does bubble drink general Er ripe tea rise won’t bitter? Drink rise what does bitter cause of formation have? Wet in ability especially when caboodle comes out, e.g. 3 years in slightly a bit suffer from it is normal. But if say too bitter especially of 5 years of above bitter still, so this has a problem.

Cause general Er ripe tea to drink rise haveForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Nod bitter cause of formation.

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▲ Pu’er tea

? ? ? , Pu’er tea ferments maturity

Pu’er tea wetting caboodle ferments in the process, the colour and lustre of tea embryo, flavor produces change ceaselessly. Different ferment time, different fermentShanghai noble baby

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The Pu’er tea of degree, foliaceous copy and flavor are disparate.

1, ferment excessive (heavy degree)

Ferment degree: 7-8 is become.

Copy of such Pu’er tea page often has serious carbonization, belong to ferment excessive, its defect is the accentuation end suffering, foliaceous copy active is spent reduce.

2, ferment immature (light degree)

Ferment degree: 5-6 into

Remain of the suffering of defect of Pu’er tea ripe tea of such degree, acerbity flavour is more, take miscellaneous taste slightly, chen Xiang is not quite sterling. Ask an attention, do not think to spend barmy Pu’er tea again only ripe tea just has pain low, spend barmy Pu’er tea gently ripe tea, because miscellaneous flavour is much, insufficient sterling, increase base having pain, when just be being drunk accordingly, meeting feeling is sufferred from.

Pu'er tea suffering is how to return a responsibility

▲ Pu’er tea

2, Pu’er tea ripe tea ferments burn pile (heartburn)

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The Pu’er tea temperature that ferments caboodle wets in the process lies commonlyShanghai Long Feng forum

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50 ℃ – between 65 ℃ , pu’er tea gross tea falls in such temperature condition, among them enzymatic with microbial alternant action, undertake character to the inclusion in tea a series of decompose, change, synthetic reaction.

Wetting caboodle ferments time basis ferments degree by low to tall increase and increase, tradition wetting caboodle ferments time matures about 10 day, 10 maturity are controlled about 70 days.

▲ Pu’er tea ferments reaction is expressed

Pile usually child (refer in particular to 5-10 ton pile) , periphery temperature exceeds normal temperature, central temperature was about more than more than 40 degrees to notice, exceed 63 ℃ , with respect to very possible heartburn.

And the Pu’er tea ripe tea of heartburn, basic already carbonization, even if quantity and range are not big, but once mix impure pile inside, the Pu’er tea soup that bubble comes out still can be sufferred from.

Accordingly, cook lot flavor of mouthfeel of ripe to Pu’er tea tea can sell at a discount greatly, drink rise to also can be sufferred from a bit necessarily.

Pu'er tea suffering is how to return a responsibility

▲ Pu’er tea how bubble?

Pu’er tea ripe tea develops law of bubble the other side to having huge to pay attention to, it is gimmick not only, connect water lukewarm, speed giving soup has very big concern.

For ripe to new Pu’er tea tea, water is warm exorbitant, give soup a bit slow, have wetting lot not only besides flavour, acrid also can accentuate.

For ripe to old Pu’er tea tea, water is warm insufficient, give Shang Guo fast, such hard separate out inclusion comes character, the mouthfeel flavor with superexcellent short of. But water is warm exorbitant, give the word that soup holds impertinently, meet again taste is overweight, be being sufferred from among them also cannot avoid.

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Strong bubble method is very so important to ripe tea mouthfeel, suffering is not bitter, heavy not heavy, see gimmick control get how.