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Article introduction

Beef is the commonnest flesh in our life kind, nutrient value is high, and mouthfeel is good, often eat beef to have profit very much to our health. Of beef eat a law to have a lot of, compare homely a kind of practice is young soya bean burns beef, feeding capable person basically is1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Young soya bean and beef, if eating, affirmative meeting leaves very deep impression. So, what is the practice that young soya bean burns beef? We look in detail below.

Young soya bean burns beef

With makings

Beef 200 overcome

Young soya bean 150 overcome

Complementary expect1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Red any of several hot spice plants 1


Peanut oil 2 greatly spoon

Salt 1 spoon

Garlic 4 valve

Cooking wine 1 spoon

Be born draw 1 spoon

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Smoke 1/2Shanghai noble baby communicates an area1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Starch 1 spoon

White pepper 1/2 spoon

Chinese olive dish 1 spoon

Young soya bean fries the practice of beef

1. young soya bean rinds abluent, red pointed any of several hot spice plants is abluent cut man, garlic section

Man is cut after 2. beef is rinsed clean with Wenshui, add 1/2 spoon salt, white pepper, cooking wine, old smoke and 1/2 spoon starch catchs divide evenly souse 15 minutes above, starch of additionally half spoon is added right amount cool leave in vain smooth as water starch reserves

3. drives one boiler water, 1/2 spoon salt is joined after water leaves, issue young soya bean to boil 2-3 next the fish out after minute rushs cool, accuse water

Young soya bean burns beef

Right amount peanut oil is put inside 4. pan, the beef bead with next good souse after oil is tepid slips quickly medicinal powder, after becoming angry, fill at once go out

5. is worn the more than oil end boiler is put into garlic valve to fry sweet

6. puts young soya bean and red any of several hot spice plants to break up quickly fry two below

7. leaves beef bead and Chinese olive food, transfer into according to oneself taste 1 spoon is born again smoke, break up quickly fry equably

Before 8. gives boiler, transfer into water is amylaceous, conflagration breaks up fry even after Guan Huocheng goes out

Young soya bean burns beef

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Cooking skill

1, whole process wants fierce anger to be fried quickly, or fry long the fresh and tender mouthfeel of young soya bean was done not have;

2, the word with hot be addicted to can change the red any of several hot spice plants in burden the chili with other heavier piquancy, more go with rice.