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Believe everybody has eaten dumpling soup, the flesh that also knows wonton is qualitative very delicious, basically be give priority to with porky, very few someone can take the dumpling soup of element, better because of pork shape, can prevent can make the stuffing makings inside all run when boil, want to notice when moving stuffing, the collocation of makings is exceedingly important, still have even if want to be wrapped a few smallier as far as possible, too old saying can feel influence mouthfeel.

 The bag law of blunt stuffing

3 bright stuffing

Raw material: Fresh shrimp meat 200 overcome1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Water hair is holothurian 100 overcome

Winter bamboo shoots 150 overcome

Flesh of the clip before the pig 200 grams raw material: Fresh shrimp meat 200 overcome

Condiment: Jiang Pian 10 overcome

Green section 20 overcome

Ginger end 20 grams

Onion powder 50 overcome

Egg Qing Dynasty 1

Refined salt 10 overcome

Pepper 3 overcome

Cooking wine 30 overcome

Gourmet powder 10 overcome

Gallinaceous essence 10 overcome

White sugar 10 overcome

Balm 25 overcome

Soup-stock 350 overcome

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Make a way:

1. shelled fresh shrimps is abluent chop becomes mud, add divide evenly of agitate of egg white of refined salt, chicken;

2. water hair is holothurian enter boiler, add essence of section of Jiang Pian, green, cooking wine, chicken, soup-stock to feed tasty, scoop cut granule;

After 3. winter bamboo shoots cuts granule, enter the quick-boil in boiling water boiler one water fish out;

Flay of flesh of the clip before 4. pig is abluent, wring Cheng Rong, add refined salt, pepper, cooking wine, white sugarFall in love with the sea

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, gourmet powder and agitate of right amount clear water are hit even;

Mud of 5. rejoin shelled fresh shrimps, water sends powder of bead of holothurian bead, winter bamboo shoots, Jiang Mo, onion, balm and divide evenly, become namely.

 The bag law of blunt stuffing


1. shelled fresh shrimps must be used fresh;

2. water sends holothurian beard to had been fed beforehand, in case acerbity mouth;

The fat thin scale of flesh of 3. pig with filling is 6 ∶ 4;

3 bright stuffing also can choose 5. chicken and other seafood will make;

If 6. can wait with Xianggu mushroom without winter bamboo shoots replace;

If 7. does not put pork in stuffing, also should join pig manure fat flesh or change lardy, in order to increase the moist mouthfeel that stuffing expects.

3 delicacy have a lot of kinds, those who have the flesh, of element, of seafood, you yourself can try a variety of ways.

 The bag law of blunt stuffing



Thin pork end 455 grams, the shrimp of moderate volume 455 grams, hull is smoked go back black line, cut roughly next agglomerate, black dawdle or Xianggu mushroom 5, in hot water bubble is soft again mincing, green 3, dissect, egg 1, soy 30 milliliter, salt 9 grams, fish last stage (dry cruelly oppress is loose) 0.2 grams (optional) , quadrate wonton skin 2 packets (390 overcome)


1. complete filter drops the water of use delaying tactics, the towel that use paper pats dry dawdle and mincing.

2. uses big bowl to mix pork, shrimp, dawdle, green, egg, soy, salt fish last stage (Shanghai night netForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

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If was used) roil is even, make all raw material completely shirt-sleeve be together.

3. receives a bowl of small Wen Shui to dip in wet with. If your habit uses the right hand, fold wonton skin put leftward strike with the palm of the hand triangularly. Will about full the position that the meat stuffing of one teaspoon puts on wonton skin to rely on a bottom to carry that part. Next that horn to the position that opposes direction to fold a half, lap meat stuffing closely in the skin.

4. dips in in Wen Shui Shi Yigen finger, dip in the horn of wonton skin left wet, again the direction yourself of face of two or so actor (be vertex angle return way) fold, the dumpling soup that has included so is just like the appearance of cap of a nurse.

Should put dumpling soup on edible paper towel in the course that 5. includes, use a wet hairA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Towel lest,cover dry. In the refrigerant food bag that after wonton has been wrapped, can take care to be put in freezer refrigerant rise, use at any time later.